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The County - ZIP Code Database lists every county-ZIP code combination in the USA and its territories!

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The County - ZIP Code Database lists all ZIP codes and counties in the United States and its territories to which the US Postal Service (USPS) delivers mail. What makes this database unique is that it lists every county-ZIP code combination which exists in the real world. Other databases list only a single county for each ZIP code.

In the real world, ZIP code boundaries often cross county boundaries. This means that a particular ZIP code may lie in several counties. In fact more than 20 percent of all ZIP codes lie in more than one county. For example, ZIP code 38583 covers portions of five different counties! Clearly, you cannot assume that a particular ZIP code lies completely within the one county listed by other ZIP code databases.

This means that you cannot determine the correct county with 100 percent accuracy using only the 5-digit ZIP code. If you want to find the correct county with 100 percent accuracy for a given address, you must use an address matching product, such as our product Perfect Address, which can find the correct county for every address to which the USPS delivers mail.

Using the County - ZIP Code Database, you can find every ZIP code which lies partially or completely within a given county. Or you can find all counties which contain some portion of a particular ZIP code. You also can find the preferred city name associated with any ZIP code, and the county FIPS code associated with any county.

The database contains approximately 55,000 records.

We update every record in County - ZIP Code Database monthly, so you always receive the latest and most up-to-date data. You can't get more accurate and timely ZIP code data from any other source! We license our ZIP code data directly from the US Postal Service.

Record Layout
Field Type Length
County Name Variable length 25 alpha maximum, mixed case
ZIP code Fixed length 5 numeric characters
ZIP code type Fixed length 1 character (P, U, M, or blank)
County FIPS Code Fixed length 5 (2 + 3) numeric characters
City Name Variable length 28 alpha maximum, mixed case
State Code Fixed length 2
Address Record Count Variable length 5 numeric characters
Prevalent-County Flag Fixed length 1 char (Y or blank)
Multiple-County Flag Fixed length 1 char (Y or blank)

The County Name field identifies a county which contains some or all of the ZIP code identified by the ZIP code field.

The ZIP Code field identifies one ZIP code which lies at least partially within the boundaries of the county identified by the County Name field. Note that portions of this ZIP code may also lie within the boundaries of other counties. The ZIP code field is treated as a text field, not a numeric field. This is to prevent the loss of the leading zeroes in certain ZIP codes when the data is imported into a database program.

The ZIP Code type field identifies special ZIP codes used for PO Boxes, companies, or the military.

The County FIPS Code is a 5-digit field containing a unique numeric identification assigned to each county in a given state by the US government. We have combined the 2-digit state FIPS code with the 3-digit county FIPS code to yield a 5-digit code which can be used to uniquely identify each county in the USA. The County FIPS field is also treated as a text field to prevent the loss of leading zeroes.

The City Name field identifies the one city associated with that particular ZIP code (and NOT necessarily the County) by the USPS. Note that, in some cases, the city may actually reside in a different county. This apparent error exists because the USPS associates a ZIP code with one "preferred" city name, even if that city is physically in a different county. This city name is the name preferred by the USPS for use on mail sent to that one ZIP code.

The State Code is the USPS 2-character state abbreviation, such as CA for California.

The Address Record Count field identifies the number of ZIP+4 address records that list both that one particular County and that one particular 5-digit ZIP code. This field provides a method of determining the relative portion of a given ZIP code which lies within a given county. Note, however, that this number is not based on area or population, but on actual ZIP+4 address records in the USPS ZIP+4 address database (not included with this database).

The Prevalent-County flag is set to "Y" if that county countains the largest portion (or all) of the ZIP code. For each ZIP code there should be only one record containing a "Y" in this field. If the ZIP code lies in more than one county, there will be multiple records containing this ZIP code, but only one record will have the Prevalent-County flag set to "Y".

The Multiple-County flag is set to "Y" if the ZIP lies in more than one county. If this flag is set to blank, the ZIP code lies completely within the boundaries of the specified county.

Sample Records

This is an example of a ZIP code that lies in five different counties:

County Name
Van Buren
ZIP Code
ZIP Type
City Name
ST Code
Address Records
Prevalent County

Click here to download sample records in comma-delimited ASCII (CSV) format.

Click here to download sample records in comma-delimited ASCII (CSV) format, compressed with WinZip.

Available File Formats (selected at time of download)
Comma-delimited ASCII (CSV) compressed and uncompressed
Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, 2013
Microsoft Access 2007, 2010, 2013
Microsoft Access 2003
Paradox 9.0
dBase IV, Visual FoxPro

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