Perfect Address TM (December 2022 data)

Interactive ZIP code lookup and address verification program for Windows

ZIP code (ZIP+4) lookup program with city, state, street address, area code, county name and county FIPS code, and current time for every city in the USA

Toss those outdated and cumbersome ZIP code books! Now you can verify and correct any street address in the whole USA in seconds. It's lightning fast and incredibly easy with Perfect Address!

Using Perfect Address, you can

  • Verify and correct mailing addresses for the entire USA.
  • Find the correct ZIP+4 for any address.
  • Find the exact county for any mailing address (more than 20% of all 5-digit ZIP codes cross county lines).
  • Find the city-state for any ZIP code - instantly, as you type!
  • Find the county and FIPS, area code, and time-of-day for any ZIP code.
  • Find the major cities and current time-of-day for any area code, including all the new ones!
  • Find the congressional district (117th Congress) for any address.
  • Create a file with all the cities and ZIP codes in any county or any state.
  • Create a file with all the ZIP codes for any city.
  • Create a file of every active ZIP code with city-state in the USA.
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Using the correct address and correct ZIP code makes a difference in mail delivery speed. The US Postal Service claims that mail with the wrong address or wrong ZIP code is delivered one to three days slower than other mail. And more than 30% of all mail has address errors. Using the correct address and ZIP code also helps you find and eliminate duplicate records in your own files.

Perfect Address is

  • Comprehensive - Covers all 125 million US addresses, including amore than 750,000 business addresses.
  • Accurate - Published monthly, based on the latest national address database licensed directly from the US Postal Service.
  • Flexible - Searches by full street address or ZIP+4.
  • Informative - Displays county name and FIPS code, area code, and current time-of-day for each address.
  • Interactive - Updates lists of cities, states, ZIP codes, counties, and streets instantly with every keystroke, guiding you directly to the correct address. No guessing required!
  • Integrated - Embeds itself automatically with Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect.
  • Helpful - Finds the ZIP+4 and calculates the delivery point barcode digits.
  • Connected - Exports verified addresses to the clipboard or to an ASCII file.
  • Fast - Finds any address in the country instantly, even on older computers.
  • Portable - Runs with all versions of Windows.
There's just no faster, easier, or better way to verify and correct an address!

  • No usage limits or time limits
  • Fully network ready (multi-user license required)
We reproduce Perfect Address only when you place your order. That way you'll always receive the absolutely latest, up-to-date address database available. You can't find more accurate or up- to-date address information anywhere. We guarantee it!

Windows operating system (not available for other platforms)

We offer these licenses for Perfect Address:

Please read our License Overview to determine which license you need.

December 2022
Workstation License: $49.95
Enterprise License: $199.00

Internet: NEW! Download this program immediately after placing your order online via our secure server.

Approximate download file size: 340 MB.

You can also place your order via phone or mail for Internet download.

There is no shipping and handling charge for Internet download.

CDROM: We'll process and ship your order within one business day. The following shipping and handling charges apply to delivery on CDROM:
Surface (USA, First Class) $8.00

All orders must be prepaid. We do not accept Purchase Orders. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express for online or telephone orders.

We also accept checks and money orders in US funds drawn on a US bank. The payment must include shipping and handling charges, if applicable. Orders which do not include appropriate shipping and handling charges will be delayed. If you need an invoice to submit to your accounting department to have a check cut please contact us at 866-256-2042 or 281-292-3270 to place your order. We will prepare a pro forma invoice and send it to you via email or snail mail. However, your order will not be shipped until we receive payment in full.

Attention Texas residents: Orders for delivery to a Texas address, whether downloaded via the Internet or delivered on CDROM, must include sales tax of 8.25% on the total amount of the order, including shipping and handling, if any. A sales tax of 8.25% of the order total will automatically be added to all Texas orders processed through our online ordering system. Tax exempt organizations in Texas must send a tax exemption certificate to and should contact us at 866-256-2042 to place their orders. Orders which do not include appropriate sales tax or a valid tax exemption certificate will be delayed.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
We back the quality of Perfect Address with our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with Perfect Address we will cheerfully refund the license fee you paid.

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Yes, I want to order ZIP code, city, state, area code, county name, county FIPS code, and current time for every city in the USA

ZIP code, city, state, area code, county name, county FIPS code, and current time for every city in the USA

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ZIP code, city, state, area code, county name, county FIPS code, and current time for every city in the USA

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