ZIP code database with latitude, longitude, city, state, area code, county name and FIPS code, time zone, and daylight saving time information for the entire USA

ZIPList5 Geocode - License Overview

CD Light, LLC offers two primary licenses and a license addendum for ZIPList5 Geocode: an enterprise license, a workstation (single-user) license, and a duplication license addendum.

The enterprise license is the standard user license for ZIPList5 Geocode. It provides for unlimited use of ZIPList5 Geocode within your organization. You can copy and install the database on as many computers or networks as you wish at as many sites as you wish within your organization. The enterprise license permits an unlimited number of users within your organization to access the ZIPList5 Geocode database simultaneously. If you incorporate some or all of the ZIPList5 Geocode database into a program which is used internally by people within your organization, then you need the enterprise license. Likewise, if you want to incorporate the ZIPList5 Geocode database into a product which is accessed via the Internet, then you need the enterprise license. The enterprise license does not, by itself, grant you a license to sell the ZIPList5 Geocode database itself nor any part of it which you may have incorporated into your products. For that you must also have the duplication license addendum, described below.

The a workstation (single-user) license is a lower-cost, restricted-use license intended for those situations where the ZIPList5 Geocode database is installed on only a single machine, at one site, and never accessed by more than one user under any circumstances. Typically, this is a non-networked personal computer which does not share data or storage with other computers or users. The workstation license does NOT permit you to access the ZIPList5 Geocode database itself or a program incorporating some or all of the database over a network or the Internet. For that you need the enterprise license. Moreover, if you want to incorporate the database into a product which you intend to distribute to other people, you must also have the duplication license addendum, described below.

The duplication license addendum permits either limited or unlimited commercial and/or non-profit distribution of products which incorporate some or all of ZIPList5 Geocode. The duplication license is an add-on license; you must first purchase either a workstation license (in the case of a single development workstation) or an enterprise license (in the case of installation on multiple computers or access by multiple users) for the ZIPList5 Geocode database you plan to distribute. The duplication license applies only to the CD Light, LLC database identified by the associated workstation or enterprise license, and only to the one version or subscription covered by that license. In other words, you are permitted to duplicate data received now or under a current subscription. But in the future if you wish to purchase an additional update or subscription, you must also purchase a duplication license at that time to cover the data delivered to you under that workstation or enterprise license agreement. If you do not purchase a duplication license for the new database delivered under a new workstation or enterprise license, you are not permitted to duplicate the new database.

Note that the duplication license addendum permits you to incorporate some or all of the ZIPList5 Geocode database into a product for distribution (which we call a derivative product), but prohibits the distribution of the raw database data itself. You must add some value to the database by incorporating it into another product in order to qualify for the duplication license. We cannot and will not permit you to distribute our database products in direct competition with us.

Licensing Examples

Here a few examples of real-life licensing situations which may help you understand our intent with regard to the licensing of our database products.

Example 1. You want to incorporate a CD Light, LLC database product into an in-house order-entry program which verifies the city-state-zip code for callers placing orders for your products. The order-entry program is used by ten telephone operators.

You would need the enterprise license because the database will be accessed by up to ten simultaneous users within your company, as well as by your programmers on their development machines.

Example 2. You are a one-man shop developing a dealer-locator program which you wish to sell to the web masters of web sites around the USA. You plan to extract the latitude and longitude information from a CD Light, LLC database to use in calculating the distance between ZIP codes. You plan to demo your dealer locator on your own web site.

You would need both the enterprise license and the duplication license addendum. You need the enterprise license because you will be using the data extracted from the CD Light, LLC database in a program accessible to multiple users via the Internet. And you need the duplication license addendum because you will be selling portions of the CD Light, LLC database to third parties as a part of your product.

Example 3. You want to use a CD Light, LLC database as a reference source to correct the area codes of customer records in your customer database. All database area code update work will be performed on a single workstation, and your customer database is maintained on a server. Your updated customer database will be available to users throughout your company.

You need only the workstation (single-user) license. The CD Light, LLC database itself will be installed on a single workstation and will NOT be directly or indirectly accessed by users in your company.

Example 4. You want to develop an application for multi-user in-house use which you may decide later to sell as a product. Your application would incorporate data extracted from a CD Light, LLC database.

Initially, you might purchase a workstation (single-user) license for database use on a single development machine. This would be sufficient during the development phase of a project. But because the final application is to be used by many people, you would eventually need to upgrade to an enterprise license. Later, if you decide to sell the product to others, you would need to add the duplication license.

If you have any questions about licensing of CD Light, LLC databases, please contact us at or call us at 866-256-2042.

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