Sorry - you've reached the daily usage limit.

We make our ZIP code lookup service freely available to everyone. But some individuals use the service excessively, placing a high load on our server, effectively preventing others from using the free service. As a result, we have established a daily usage limit for our free ZIP code lookup service. We limit any one user to a maximum of 30 searches per day. If you have not yet made 30 searches today, it may be that you are using our service indirectly via some other web site. If so, click here to use our free ZIP code lookup page directly.

Are you accessing our site via a corporate firewall? Many corporate firewalls remap all accesses from one company or site to our service into a single IP address. If so, this means that your entire company or site is limited to 30 transactions per day. There is nothing we can do at our end to remedy this situation. It is an unfortunate side-effect of using a firewall.

Extended access to our ZIP code lookup page is now available on a subscription basis!

Do you need to look up ZIP code information frequently throughout the day? Do you find the 30-usage limit too restrictive? If so, then we suggest a paid subscription to our ZIP code lookup service. Click here for more details.

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